Catfish farming

Catfish farming is an aspect of Agriculture that occupies a spot on the list of some of the most lucrative businesses around the world. In Nigeria, catfish farmers engage in mostly in rearing the African Catfish type because of its strength and ability to cope well and grow even in the most uncomfortable circumstances.

17REPORTS is committed to publishing all that you need to know about catfishes, catfish rearing, catfish diseases, catfish mortality, price of feed and many more, as it applies to catfish business in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

This article is a continuation of the weekly update of the latest price of fingerlings, Juveniles, and table size catfish as well as the prices of some fish feed and some other necessary items we could find in the market near us.

Every weekend, we take our time to stroll through the catfish farms and catfish markets in town to see all that is happening concerning the catfish business, so as to keep you well informed and constantly updated. Therefore, following our guides and detailed suggestions can guarantee you efficiency and link you with adequate needed information in the catfish business.

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Price of catfish this week

1. Fingerlings (3 – 4 cm): N17

2. Juveniles (4 – 6 cm): N30

3. Jumbo (7 – 9 cm): N47

4. Table size

  • Average (0.5 – 0.6kg): N500
  • Medium (0.7 – 0.9kg): N650
  • Large (1kg): N950

5. Brooder stock

  • Male: N2,000
  • Female: N2,500

Price of Catfish Feed this Week

1. Skretting

  • 1.8mm: N7,500
  • 2mm: N10,000
  • 3mm: N8,600
  • 4mm: N6,400

2. Vital

  • 1.5mm: N6,600
  • 2mm: N8,500
  • 3mm: N6,800
  • 4mm: N5,600

3. Aller Aqua

  • 1.8mm: N6,000
  • 2mm: N10,000
  • 3mm: N8,300
  • 4mm: N8,000

4. Blue Crown

  • 2mm: N6,500
  • 3mm: N5,600
  • 4mm: N5,600
  • 6mm: N5,400

5. Coppens

  • 1.5mm: N6,200
  • 2mm: N7,300
  • 3mm: N4,400
  • 4mm: N4,400

6. Eco Float

  • 3mm: N4,400
  • 4mm: N4,400
  • 6mm: N4,000

Price of other items this week

  • Aquaceryl plus: N500
  • Fish cure: N380
  • Fishbiotic: 400
  • Fish growth booster: N500
  • Protective pond net: N450 per yard
  • Fishing net and rod (Large): N1,500
  • Fishing net and rod (Small): N1,200

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So there you have it!

We are dedicated to serving our esteemed guests all the important information concerning catfish business and the catfish market in most parts of Nigeria.

We are available to receive your suggestions, enquiries or opinions regarding catfish rearing from fry stage to final maturity.

Make sure you always visit this page for the latest updates and news in the catfish business.


Oliagba Innocent is the owner of 17REPORTS.COM and writes on various agriculture and farming related topics such as poultry, fishery, agribusinesses, agro-allied products and many more.

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